At East Coast Enterprises our mission is always to provide quality, one on one service, via our professional property management staff. This mission is based upon our core values of Service, Honesty, Responsiveness, and Privacy.

  • Service – we strive to always perform at our best
  • Honesty – marks our actions at all times
  • Responsiveness – we make every effort to maintain clear communication with our customers 24 hours a day
  • Privacy – we commit to maintaining discretion for all clients especially our political and social elite

Based upon these core values of Service, Honesty, Responsiveness and Privacy we commit to you to:

  • Provide you with the highest service and vendors who are skilled in their craft
  • Honor our obligations in a timely manner and be transparent in our contracting and communications
  • Respond and communicate with clients frequently and in a timely manner
  • Respect and protect the privacy of all our clients